Our Mission

The Little Things is a student-led charity aiming to improve healthcare in developing countries. By providing vital medical equipment to poorly funded and inadequately equipped hospitals, we hope to improve access to healthcare for innocent, vulnerable patients.

The hospitals that The Little Things works with are under-resourced; thus, they do not have the capacity to effectively and suitable manage the patients that are admitted every single day.

We focus on the little things that can be done in hospitals, to vastly improve healthcare for patients and subsequently their quality of life.


Meet Our Team

From event organisers to university ambassadors, we’re an ambitious team sharing the same vision to make an impact

Our Story

How we founded The Little Things in August 2013

How We Raise Funds

From Partnerships to Sky Diving

Choosing Projects to Fund

Our full protocol on how we liaise with hospitals and plan our mission

Press & Awards

A portfolio of all the awards we have gained and our appearances in the media.