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We are a small charity focusing on the little things that can be done in hospitals, to vastly improve healthcare for patients.

The majority of hospitals in remote areas of developing countries are severely under-resourced, and so do not have the capacity to treat the number of patients that are admitted. The work we plan on doing may not necessarily be the difference between life and death, but it will tremendously improve the quality of care patients receive.

The Little Things has come a long way from being just a fanciful idea in my head. An idea in which I romanticised travelling around the world, erecting clinics and improving lives. Making this dream a reality has meant that I have had to work tirelessly. However, I always remain immensely grateful to all of the volunteers that give up their free time to help The Little Things grow so much!

We prioritise hospitals that receive no government funding, and work closely alongside hospitals to highlight areas that require immediate attention. Once we have decided on an appropriate project, that can realistically be completed within three years, we begin raising funds! Our fundraising events include mountain treks, skydives, and sponsored runs.

We, at The Little Things, hope to remedy the problems faced by millions of people living with easily preventable conditions. With your help, we can provide them with much-needed funds and medical equipment. These aims cannot be achieved without you and that is why we are so greatly urging you to spare some change, to help make a change.


Chairman of The Little Things